I just closed out a great series on Understanding Healing. Wow, what a journey the Lord took me on. God is so good! As I reflect over the past few weeks I am convinced of this one thing; To have faith in God is to have faith in His Word!


GOD wants to SPEAK TO YOU!

Life is a never-ending series of questions. Where should I go to school? What am I going to do with the rest of my life? Should I take this job, or is there something better on the horizon? Who should I marry? Do I really know for sure that this is God speaking and not a man or even Satan speaking to me? Does God care about the little details in my life? 

You might be saying, "Gene, there is no way that God wants to speak to me about these small things, my relationships, my money, my job, my children. YES HE DOES!" What if I told you that in the next thirty days before April of this year that the Lord is literally waiting on GO to speak to you about your HEALTH, your CHILDREN, your JOB, your DEBT, your WIFE or even FUTURE WIFE or even the NEXT BIG MOVE HE IS ABOUT to BRING you INTO. 

The most difficult part of hearing God is the fact that it takes time to learn to discern God's voice -- and it takes a humble heart. This Sunday I will teach our church family on Learning To Hear God.

JESUS, The Full Gospel


The cross was more than a ticket to heaven. When Jesus said "It is finished" He committed His spirit to the Father and died.He paid your sin debt...in full. He took on your sins, all of them, past, present and future. The moment you declare Jesus Lord of your life He declares you righteous and all your failures are wiped away. But then it gets really good. He triumphed over death, rose from the grave and is now seated at the right hand of God, the Father! All authority has been given to Jesus and you are now part of that Kingdom. Jesus covered it all!

Could it be possible that you are living beneath your privileges as a blood bought, born again child of God? There are certain privileges that are attached to salvation such as freedom, healing, mercy and grace, the abundant life! Jesus made the way possible for you. 1 Peter 1:3 (ESV)